SEO for businesses is how to use the internet to get new customers.


SEO (also known as search engine optimization) is the process of manipulating website code, content and inbound links from other websites in order to move your website closer to page one of Google and other search engines when someone searches for a specific phrase.  For example, if someone searches for the phrase “seo company in Las Vegas” we would like this website to be on the first page of results.  Of course, this is a new website and the process takes some time, so you probably won’t see it there for a while.

Studies show that potential customers rarely go past the first page to make their decision, so if your website is not in the first 10 results then the customer will not consider your business (because they do not know that you exist.) Search engine algorithms decide which websites get placed in each position by considering thousands of different factors, and placing the “best” website in the top position, determined by those factors.  SEO is the process of making your website have more and more of those factors when compared to all the other websites competing for that search phrase.  The website that has the best information on a subject and satisfies the most factors that search engines are looking for gets the best position.

Our SEO process is not complicated.  Google, Yahoo and Bing have all decided that content on the website is the biggest and most important factor to consider when deciding if a website is an “authority” on a subject.  This means that the content on your website that is about the subject that you want to rank for has to be better than everyone else’s, there has to be more of it, and it has to satisfy a need that the searcher was trying to solve.  The content needs to help the searcher get the answer they were looking for, even if the answer is “why should I choose this company over another company.”  Our SEO process involves continually posting new content to your website that is researched and written by professional, US-based SEO writers.  We do not outsource this process to India or anywhere else where the writing can be done cheap, because search engines are looking for broken English and other clues.

Our SEO process also involves getting links to come in to your site from other websites.  This process is called “link baiting” and it involves letting other websites know that the great content on your website is there.  We do not pay for links or use any “black hat” techniques to build them, as this violates the terms of service of all search engines.  If your SEO company is using a process of automated link building your website can be banned from search engines permanently.  The more links we can get from websites that have something to do with your content, the better your rankings will be.  Social media marketing and social bookmarking are part of this process.

Our SEO process also involves manipulating the code of your website to make sure search engines understand it and like it.  Website design is a crucial part of this, as poor website design can slow a website load time down, confuse search engines and frustrate customers.  Websites we design are clean, functional and streamlined.  The titles and descriptions of each page are written in a way that the search engines find obvious and correct for the subject.

Our SEO program pricing is available by clicking:  SEO pricing.

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