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Jul 31, 2019


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When you do adult website SEO, you have to remember what you are trying to accomplish. Too many adult sites get caught up in thinking they are using the onsite content to talk exclusively to their customers. Google is not your customer, and you need to approach things differently for Google. Think about it this way, your customers are looking for sexy adult content, but Google is looking for who is the AUTHORITY on that adult content. Here is what I mean:

Adult SEO

Adult SEO

Google doesn’t like adult websites,and really doesn’t like porn. They do everything they can to push websites that feature adult subject matters down in rankings, so we need to convince them that we are an authority on the subject without presenting ourselves as a website of that type. Here is how you accomplish that, you create your website for something like an escort service. On that site you will feature your escorts and you will have sections that discuss how to contact those escorts. You avoid the obvious things that Google doesn’t like, as in completely nude or explicit pictures up in the front of the site. You can bury them into different sections, but you are going to want to make sure they aren’t the majority of the website content. Create all the sections that your customers would want to see, but try to be as discreet and classy as possible within them.

Now create a blog section. No customers will ever read this stuff, it isn’t what they are looking for on hour site. Instead, this is where the Google content will go. Post articles on the escorting business, the rules and regulations and other things that customers would never care about. Write about the specifics of the escorting business without writing about your escorts themselves. Create articles that are informative on the subject, and post them into the blog. Do the same in offsite spaces like article marketing websites, or anywhere else that will allow you to post content on that subject matter. AVOID PORN SITES. The links from porn sites may drive traffic from those sites themselves, but they are going to kill your ability to rank. Google judges the quality of your website by the sites that link to it, and Google hates porn. Do this as much as you possibly can, writing completely unique content that is at least 500 words in every article. Do this as much as humanly possible and link from those offsite spaces to the articles on your website. From each of those blog posts link to whatever page that you would like to see ranking for each search term you are targeting.

Thats it. Rinse and repeat.

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