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Wiredinseo increases client visitors by 880% and conversions by 150X.

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Wiredinseo launches inclusive internet marketing platform for Las Vegas radio show.

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Wiredinseo proves that SEO is more effective than PPC.

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Wiredinseo prepares for "Google author rank."

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WiredIn SEO is the search engine optimization branch of Focus Internet Services, the oldest and most respected SEO Company in Las Vegas We have been successfully doing online marketing for local and national clients for more than seven years.

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Google Webmaster and Quality Guidelines

  • Create relevant and unique content with value to consumers
  • Create quality, one-way links from respected websites

Here you will find the general ideas of the Google Terms Of Service and Webmaster Guidelines. There are not copied from Google, but instead are interpreted by our staff so as to give our clients a general idea of the guidelines we follow when creating strategies. We do not utilize "black-hat" techniques designed to trick search engines into ranking our client sites, but instead follow the guidelines to create the best websites and content available in a genre, thus creating a situation where Google ranks our clients highly becasue they provide the best quality information.


  • Your website must have unique, quality, relevant content that will help Google users find what they're looking for.
  • Your website must not utilize hidden text or hidden links.
  • Your website must not utilize any cloaking or any form of illegal redirects.
  • Your website must not utilize keyword stuffing or keyword spam.
  • Your website must not consist of doorway pages.
  • We do not repeat keywords for the sake of improved placement when creating content.
  • We do not use content stolen form other websites simply to fill space.

  • We do not participate in link schemes of any kind which are designed to artifically increase popularity or PageRank.
  • As an example, we will not link a pornography website to a dentist website.
  • We do not utilize link farming, or creation of links on websites that have no relevancy to our subject matter.

    For the last two years, the majority of major Google updates were designed to reduce the quality rank or completely eliminate the value of links from "spam" websites. Many blog networks were removed from the index as a result.

  • Panda: Ongoing 2011/2012 and continuing.
  • Penguin: 4/24/2012
  • Above The Fold: 4/20/2012
Our only goal and strategy is quality content and quality backlinks.