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Sometimes you want an SEO company that is local, one that you can meet with and talk to in person. Most SEO companies are not able to do this, since they serve a global population and are not usually located in the state or city that your business is located. If you are located in Las Vegas NV, Focus Internet Services is your local SEO company of choice. They are the Las Vegas SEO company that is specialized in local SEO and social media for the Las Vegas area, and they are also our parent company.

SEO is the short version of “search engine optimization.” This means that the company specializes in the process of manipulating online content and text so as to push rankings higher on search engines for a website. SEO is generally not necessary to rank for the business name itself, but is necessary when targeting more general terms that describe what the business does or sells. This is how SEO gets businesses new customers, by helping websites to rank for searches for the things they provide. For example, if you were to search for “Focus Internet Services” the website would come up on the first page without any help, just because it is the only business with that name in the local area. However, if you search for “Las Vegas SEO” because you are looking for a list of companies that provide search engine optimization in the Las Vegas area, the only way that the website will rank on the first page is through the SEO process. The strategies for ranking a website have different components, but mostly involve onsite content and links into the site from other websites. SEO companies specialize in making this happen.

If you are a business located in Las Vegas who needs SEO in order to gain new customers using search engines as a marketing tool, contact Focus Internet Services at 702-767-4637.

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