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Wiredinseo increases client visitors by 880% and conversions by 150X.

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Wiredinseo launches inclusive internet marketing platform for Las Vegas radio show.

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Wiredinseo proves that SEO is more effective than PPC.

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Wiredinseo prepares for "Google author rank."

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WiredIn SEO is the search engine optimization branch of Focus Internet Services, the oldest and most respected SEO Company in Las Vegas We have been successfully doing online marketing for local and national clients for more than seven years.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Services

Pay-per-click is a type of advertising that is utilized when a customer needs to be on the prime search engine positions immediately, and does not have time to spend on organic development of rankings. PPC is generally considered more expensive than organic rankings development as the pricing is based upon an auction of spaces, and you are competing with other businesses who are also willing to pay a premium for placement. Although you are only charged per click, and you can dictate your budget as far as a daily spend, you will not have ongoing impressions happen once the budget is exhausted. WiredIn SEO manages PPC accounts for quality and control of spend so as to maximize the budget.


Paid search is an effective, although expensive strategy. Our primary focus within the paid-search campaign is maximization of the budget, and improvement so as to further the reach. This discovery process evolves ver time, and is based upon ongoing conversion research. Set it and forget it is a poor strategy for paid search, as nothing is ever learned to improve the campaign.

PPC Service Includes:

- Pay Per Click (ADWORDS ONLY) Account Setup
- Campaign Setup
- Adgroup Setup
- Keyword Research
- Competitor Analytics
- Advert Creation
- Landing Page Creation/Optimization
- Bid Management
- Negative Keyword Management
- Geo Targeting Management
- A/B Testing
- Reporting