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Wiredinseo increases client visitors by 880% and conversions by 150X.

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Wiredinseo launches inclusive internet marketing platform for Las Vegas radio show.

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Wiredinseo proves that SEO is more effective than PPC.

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Wiredinseo prepares for "Google author rank."

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Who Are We?

WiredIn SEO is the search engine optimization branch of Focus Internet Services, the oldest and most respected SEO Company in Las Vegas We have been successfully doing online marketing for local and national clients for more than seven years.

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Our Core Service - SEO

Our core competency is SEO (search engine optimization) and ranking development techniques, The strategies that are used in thses types of programs are based upon a mixture of tried and true techniques as well as modifications to strategies due to ongoing algorythm changes by major search engines. This is how we constantly provide top results, by providing development that fits within Google's terms of service, as well as developing strategic elements that we project will become part of Google's algorythm.

Our SEO services consists of two elements:

Element 1 - Onpage Optimization: This element of SEO involves creating focused keyword lists based upon traffic data as well as strategic decisions on "potential conversion" value. Basically, we decide which words provide traffic through data analysis, then streamline that list to those words or phrases that will potentially benefit the business goals, instead of targeting words that provide traffic that will not become customers. We manipulate metadata, title and descriptions, and onsite content in order to create a valuable informational website for potential customers that is easily understood and read by search engines. This porcess is ongoing through the lifespan of an account, as search engines like to see continuing development on a website in order to view it as more important than the competition, and therefor worthy of a higher rank.

Element 2 - Offpage Optimization (Link Building): Off page optimization involves building quality links, citations, reviews and listings of the website on other internet properties and other websites. The quality of a link is determined by many factors ranging from an association of the linking site to the genre of information on our site, to the amount of outbound links from that site and the types of links provided. Other factors like social media links, youtube videos, social media pictures tagged appropriately, and additional elements also come into play, but are not as powerful as straight linking from quality websites. Linking development is also ongoing through the lifespan of an account, as links degenerate over time as they become older.

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