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Sep 22, 2017





In 2017, it is important to understand what works and what doesn’t work with regards to creating higher rankings for a website, if you are paying a company to perform that task for you.  The reason it is important for you to understand the basics of how the process works is because there are many paths to that goal, and even though some things used to work well does not mean that they currently work well.  SEO tactics that used to work may actually be getting your site pushed down in the rankings at this point, and yet your SEO company may be continuing to do things the same way.  So why would they do things that do not work? The answer may make you angry.

Some SEO companies do not care about creating rankings for your site, and they do not care about you as a customer.  They do not care about your business and they do not care if you continue to use them to do SEO.  The reason is that they are not in the SEO business at all, and instead are actually in the “customer generation” business.  These types of businesses perform tasks that relate to SEO which are easy to perform, and they try and get you to sign a short contract to do it.  As soon as that contract is signed, the sales person expects you to not continue past the contract end because the tactics they are performing do not provide any value, and do not generate higher rankings.  The salesman is on to the next customer, expecting to replace you as soon as you realize it isn’t working.  You cannot do anything about it because they are performing the tasks that they said they would, and you will generally wait three months or so before firing them because they will tell you that SEO takes at least that long to develop.  The worst part is that they are not lying to you, and SEO does take time to develop.  The problem is that by the time it can be realized that the system they are using isn’t working, they have already got as much money from you as they ever expect to get.

So how can you know a good SEO company from a bad SEO company? You have to know a little bit about SEO in today’s world in order to know if they are promising you things that are unrealistic, or if the work they will do will actually do little good to improve rankings.  SEO is based upon content in the modern world.  Any company that says that you can rank without a continuing development of new and important content is lying to you.  If they tell you that you can make some changes to your website’s code and titles to make you shoot to number one they are lying to you.  The only strategy that works is the continual release of new text based content on your website, and the continual development of new links to that content from other websites.  The links that go to your site must also come from being embedded into content that is on the subject, and on websites that specialize in that subject.  If a website doesn’t rank for that subject, then a link to yours from that website has no value.  Google gives different values to links, and the best ones come from trusted websites about a subject that you want to rank for.

This is the essence of the modern SEO content strategy.  The SEO company should be continually developing new content for your website that is on the topic that you want to rank for. They should be developing links from other websites on the same topics.  If this is not happening you will not rank, and you are wasting your money.

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